How To Copy Someone Instagram Captions

How to copy instagram captions

You may like the caption of a post on Instagram or want to copy it for any other reason. Unfortunately, this is not possible through the Instagram app on smartphones.

If you want to copy the captions of Instagram posts with your smartphone, we provide a suitable solution here. In this method, we use various Google Cloud services.
Follow the steps below.

  • Select the post on Instagram.¬†you can tap on “more” to make sure that it expands the entire caption. sometimes if they write a lot then you need to tap the more button.

Copy Captions On Instagram (3)

  • You need a screenshot to upload caption text to Google Cloud. Take a screenshot of the post caption.

Copy Captions On Instagram (1)

  • At this point, you just need to upload the screenshot to Google Cloud so that AI can easily decode the text of the photo! go to this link and upload the screenshot.

Copy Captions On Instagram

  • After the photo is uploaded, click on the text. By clicking on the text section, Google’s AI identifies the text with high quality and provides it to you in several sections.

Copy Captions On Instagram (4)

  • Now you can see different parts of the caption in separate blocks and copy it.

Copy Captions On Instagram (2)

There are other ways to copy Instagram captions. We tried to provide the fastest solution. We hope it was useful for you.

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